Qoya is based on the idea that

through movement we remember

We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

Wise: calling on the wisdom of yoga.

Wild: the creative expression in dance.

Free: expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our bodies through feminine movement.

Qoya is a movement practice specifically designed to help women feel good in their bodies.

It’s for women of all ages, body types and levels of movement experience.

In Qoya, there is no way you can do it wrong

and the way you know you’re doing it right

is that it feels good.

More than feeling good, it feels honest, resonant, and true.

Qoya helps us access the physical sensation of truth in the body.

Can you remember a time when you just knew something was true in your body?  You knew it like you knew the sun would rise tomorrow.  You could feel it in your bones.  Once you feel that connection to yourself through your body, the invitation is to set that feeling as North on your compass.  You practice this feeling, this sensation of authenticity and resonance, not just for an hour long experience in a Qoya class, but so that you can deeply trust yourself, and the feeling of truth in your body, as you navigate the journey that is your life.   The actual class is done while having an amazing time dancing, sweating, stretching, yoga-ing and connecting to other women with some good tunes to help guide the journey along.

Qoya invites women to express new ways of being in their lives.

Ways we can build our strength: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Ways we can be flexible: not only in our hamstrings, but in the flow of our day.

Ways we can be agile: like a child who falls down and gets right back up.

Ways we can savor: an exhale that takes us into a hip circle of remembering the gift of being a woman.

Ways we can love and honor: what is — as it is — and still dare to dream bigger dreams.

…ways we can say yes!

…and Qoya isn’t just about movement

It is an invitation into a lifestyle of reverence… and includes movement as well as music, ritual, pilgrimage and more.

Qoya classes, workshops and retreats are always held in a circle of women.

There are opportunities for introspection and intention setting, opportunities to share with life-minded women on the path, opportunities to connect with the elements of life and creativity.

Qoya is one of the most pleasurable ways to engage in transformative work that I have ever encountered.

Each Qoya Class has the following 13 components (or pillars) and has a unique theme:

  1. Each teacher creates Sacred Space before the class even begins
  2. Introduction of the theme and pulling an oracle card to share with a partner
  3. Personal intention setting with the breath and gentle movements to warm up
  4. Circling throughout the body to begin to liberate it from the linear, rigid habits of daily life in the modern world
  5. Movements to open up the chest, ribcage and upper body and beginning to tune into, open and follow the heart
  6. Movements to open up the hips and an invitation to tune into the inner senses
  7. Dancing our yoga as prayer with simple sun salutations or warrior sequences to open and activate the muscles, joints, and spine, and clear the energy lines of the body.
  8. Emotionally honoring anything that may be up in your life right now
  9. Shaking throughout the body to release what is ready to release
  10. Bring in the fun with a simple choregraphed dance
  11. Free dance the theme! 90% of our thoughts are the same thing over and over and over… it is the same with our movements. As we free dance, we remind ourselves to break free of patterns and habits and explore new ways of moving.
  12. We partner up for a final stretch of the mind, body, and soul. We engage in a guided, sacred sharing of our gratitude, desires, revelations and celebrations.
  13. The final relaxation gives us to time to integrate all the gifts of your Qoya class

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Before you can hear, much less follow, the voice of your soul, you have to win back your body. You have to go on a pilgrimage beneath the skin.

-Megan Watterson

Have you been to a Qoya class or workshop with me? What did you think? Please reach out if you would like to connect.

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