Cacao Ceremony


“Cacao opens the doorway of the heart, but you have to walk through it”

Each heart-opening cacao ceremony is unique


Ceremonies include Guatemalan ceremonial-grade cacao, prayer, music, guided meditation & movement.

Each event will give you an opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and with a heart-centered community


The spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan Dieties.  

The Maya people called cacao “the water that runs through the heart”


Raw ceremonial cacao is a powerful heart opener than paves the way to transformation through self-love and can open pathways to your unique creative power and connection to the divine.


Cacao ceremonies can open the doorway to self transformation & personal growth.


It is an honor and a joy to share this powerful plant ally with you to support your journey to continue to open your heart.

 Depending on the event, we may bathe in the sensation of gratitude and love with a Traditional “Despacho” Ceremony from the Andes.


We’ll feed our highest love and gratitude and our prayers for our lives into each and every ingredient as we co-create a “gift” into the form of a beautiful mandala

Most ceremonies will include Qoya movement


Qoya is a movement practice specifically designed to help women feel good in their bodies. It is movement as medicine and it is based on the belief that:

Through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

In Qoya, there is no way you can do it wrong

and the way you know you’re doing it right

is that it feels good.

In these ceremonies I draw upon many experiences: over a decade as a holistic nurse & healer, supporting guitar and drum music in hundreds of medicinal ceremonies, years of participating in and teaching women’s movement classes, participating in Cacao ceremonies through the Mayan lineage I work with, studying with the “Cacao Shaman” in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala…. and more.



I’ll invite you to begin by finding the smile in your heart… 

Keith the Cacao Shaman

Interested in hosting a Cacao Ceremony?

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Note: Most anti-depressants and anti-psychotics do NOT mix with the tryptophan and MAOI’s (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in this cacao… Mixing these medications with cacao can cause an intense migraine headache.


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